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    I have a problem with intel core i5 4200u


      Hi guys, I come to you desperately as I have had many problems with my computer Ultrabook Sony Vaio SVP13215CLB.



      At first I had problems with compatibility of the wireless driver and windows 8.1 and this led me to restore factory my computer several times unfortunately I never succeeded in solving the problem, I decided fortaear my team and take the origial factory software and installed a version of different from factory (factory original: 8, the version I installed: 8.1), after that I installed all the original drivers from the website of SONY and I could solve my problem with the wifi, until now it has not given me problems, the problem is:



      When I go to control panel windows 8.1 I get in processor features 1.6 | 1.6, and previously appeared to me: 1.6 | 2.6, I read on the internet that these processors use technology turbo boost, the detail is already installed all drivers for my motherboard (available on the website of SONY VAIO  Sony eSupport - SVP13215CLB - Soporte  ) and I can not get algunam solution, I hope you can please guide me with this problem of my microprocessor.



      Thanks in advance, best regards.