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    Inconsistent USB activity, 5425


      Frequently from a startup (not restart but from S5), all of my USB ports will not be recognized.  I have a 4GB flash drive as D:, a Seagate external HDD as E: and a 64GB flash as F:, and sometimes the Seagate device does not show up.  I have to restart to get it to show up.  Sometimes one of the other drives will not show up. The Seagate device and the 64GB flash drive are plugged directly into the NUC while the 4GB flash (and a printer) are plugged into a powered USB replicator.  I also have a Logitech receiver plugged into a USB extension plugged directly into the NUC to keep it out of the way of the electromagnetic radiation, as discussed in Intel's white paper on the matter.  My OS is W7HP 64-bit and my BIOS is the January 15, 2015 version.


      Do I have a defective NUC?  This is a fairly replicable occurrence, although I'm not sure it occurs 100% of the time since I only power down the NUC for OS updates and such.

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          Make sure you have loaded the latest BIOS dated on 1/26/2015


          Intel® Download Center

          If you are still experiencing same problem, my recommendation still is to contact Intel Customer Support for warranty replacement of your NUC. You can use our Web Ticketing system to do that.


          Service Request Email


          Contact Support



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            Allan, I misstated the date of my current BIOS as January 15th, should've said January 26th.  I do have BIOS version 35 installed.



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              I understand. Please try contacting Intel Customer Support.



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                I had the same thing the other week but could not get it to recognise anything no matter how many time I restarted.  Not even if I re-ran Windows setup.

                I ended up entering BIOS (USB seemed to work then) and saving changes, then powering up the computer with nothing USB plugged in, shutting down, plugging everything back in and booting back up.  It's not happened again since.

                What USB power S5 state settings do you have configured in the BIOS?  Can you test more scenarios by unplugging one device at a time to see which it might be causing the issue?

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                  Hi MattMe.


                  I did check my BIOS to make sure that all USB ports were receiving power, but don't know the answer to your question.  The next time I'm in BIOS, I'll poke around and see if I can respond accurately.


                  Yes, I will play around with alternative scenarios.  Here's a protocol, feel free to add to it:


                  1. Shut down. Start. Poll devices.  If all devices are present, report.  If not present, report which are, and restart and poll devices, report.

                  2. Restart.  Poll devices.  If all devices are present, report, if not present, report which are.

                  3. Shut down. Remove 2 USB flash drives and External Seagate HDD, start.  Mouse & keyboard USB2.0 receiver should be operative.

                  4. Shut down. Add only external HDD.  Start.  Poll & report.  If HDD not present, restart, poll & report.

                  5. Shut down. Remove HDD, add 2 USB flash drives. Start, poll & report.  If both not present, restart, poll & report.


                  I think that covers all physical scenarios.  This will take me a few days to accomplish, but I'll post the outcome.  Of course, the last several times I've restarted, I've gotten all devices.

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                    Here are the results of my start/re-start test.  I didn't have but one failure (2c below), so did not go through the device removal as I thought I would have to do.



                    1. After unattended Windows update, automatic restart:  ALL PORTS & DEVICES ACTIVE.
                    2. After shutdown & startup, all devices connected: 
                      1. First Startup: ALL PORTS & DEVICES ACTIVE
                      2. Second Startup: ALL PORTS & DEVICES ACTIVE
                      3. Third Startup: TWO FLASH DRIVES ACTIVE, EXTERNAL HDD NOT PRESENT
                    3. Immediate restart after #2 above: 
                      1. First Restart: ALL PORTS & DEVICES ACTIVE
                      2. Second Restart: ALL PORTS & DEVICES ACTIVE (Corrected 2c, i.e. external HDD found)


                    20 seconds to get to Windows password screen

                    109 seconds for Windows to fully load, i.e. all system tray icons displayed

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                      I have found the issue with my wireless keyboards running Windows 8 is resolved by disabling the fast startup option.

                      Control Panel > Power Option > Choose What Power Buttons Do > Shutdown Settings > untick Turn On Fast Startup.

                      It's a shame this is the issue, as fast start-up is a great feature of Windows 8 and 8.1.


                      My Windows 7 machines seem to be behaving better now since er-saving the settings in the BIOS, however I have noticed that they will only wake from USB mouse input, not keyboard recently.  I will investigate this further one I have some more units to test.

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                        Can you confirm what USB drivers you have installed?  Have you made sure you have the most up-to-date USB 3 drivers from the NUC support page?

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                          Hi MattMe:


                          I have USB 3.0 driver



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                            Well, I just thought I was getting consistently proper USB behavior, but I am not.  The NUC will not see the attached USB 3.0 Seagate external HDD (model SRD00F1, 500GB) from startup, but will see it after a re-start; however the NUC consistently recognizes the two USB flash drives that are attached, from both startup and restart.  This is replicable and consistent.

                            My protocol is that I use Windows 7 Task Manager to shut down the NUC around midnight each night, and the BIOS setting to start the NUC around 6:00AM each morning.  I get to the Windows password screen from start or re-start in about 10 seconds, and from S5 (start), after entering the password, all of my start up programs appear in the system tray in 20-30 seconds, and autoplay does not appear.  However when I re-start, it takes almost 170 + seconds for the startup icons to appear and autoplay appears, engaging all three connected USB storage devices.

                            My immediate thought is that the latter issue, i.e. the very slow loading of startup programs is a Windows issue, but thinking further, could the issue of the NUC not "seeing" all three USB ports be contributory?

                            I really hope I don't have a defective NUC.  I have already had to exchange my NUC once due to the wireless connector being damaged by me during installation of the card, and Intel would not tell me if I received a new NUC or a refurbished product, something with which I'm extremely uncomfortable.  Plus, I don't want to have to pay the $25 trans-shipping fee again.

                            All bright ideas welcome, thanks.


                            NUC is D54250WYK

                            SSD is Samsung 840, 250GB mSATA

                            RAM is Crucial two 8GB sticks, DDR3 1600SODIMM, low voltage, i.e. 1.35

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                              Finally chatted with tech support, and a new NUC is being sent this week.  I'll update this when there is something else to report.