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    Galileo Gen1 SSH problems


      Hey all,


      I've having some issues getting SSH to work on my Galileo board. For starters, I had a previous linux distro on my SD cards using the pre-built image (SD-Card Linux Image). Everything worked great. However, I wanted to be able to compile C/C++ applications on the galileo board. So I then wiped the old Linux OS and put on the new IoT-dev-kit OS. I can connect to it over UART just fine, but whenever I try to SSH (used both PuTTY and Intel XDK) I get an error saying "Server unxpectedly closed network connection"


      I can ping my Galileo board, and the board can ping my computer. Just can't SSH to work. I've tried to SSH into it using both WiFi and Ethernet connection.


      Thanks for you help in advance