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    No accelerate tab in RST. PCIe SSD not recognized and SSHD drives show up as regular SATA


      This has been driving me bonkers! I have RTFM everything I can find and this should be working fine. My config:


      Asus Z97-a motherboard (Series 9 chipset) BIOS 2205

      Rapid Storage Technology Firmware

      RST Driver and Software

      RAID mode

      Intel i7 4790k processor 4 GHz (not overclocked)

      32 GB RAM

      2 x 4 TB Seagate SSHD (hybrid) drives (ST4000DX001) in RAID1 configuration

      Plextor M6e Series 128GB M.2 PCIe Internal Solid State Drive (PX-G128M6e) Latest 1.0.5 firmware

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

      I can see the SSD during installation of the OS (i.e. I could have loaded the OS onto the SSD).

      I set up RAID1 via Cntrl-I before installing OS. For Windows 7 to see the 4TB RAID1 array, I had to load the 64 bit F6 drivers at the screen where you can select the drive to install on and partition the drives. I partitioned the RAID array drive via F10 and DISKPART in GPT format with 256MB EFI, 256MB MSR, then remainder of disk space as the primary OS partition.

      I carefully loaded Windows 7 and all updates. Made sure .NET was installed and updated.

      Loaded Intel Chipset Installation Utility and MEI before loading the RST application.

      Loaded RST application. Saw that the array initialize had started. Let that finish.

      Loaded RST application.

      Open RST application and no sight of the SSD drive. ?! And no Acceleration options. Anywhere...

      In RST app I can see array and two 4 TB drives as well as both DVD drives. No SSD drive.

      Computer is running fine and Device Manager is "greened" up. All drivers are loaded and all devices showing normal. (I am typing this on the same computer).

      After reading the RST Help information, I see that the RST application should show the SSHD (hybrid) drives as green drives vs blue. They are showing as "blue" plain SATA drives. Aha!

      (see below for screen captures)

      From what I read, I should get the accelerate tab or something regarding the SRT hinting to the hybrid drives... Everything I see is like I have two standard drives.

      I'm at a loss. On another website, I did read where someone shrunk their drive partition slightly to make room at the end. May give that a try.

      What should I check?!!! Thanks!