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    HELP! node_app_slot issues in cloning of edison


      I have a project going live this Monday and need to resolve this so ANY feedback welcome.

      I have a working nodejs application on a master edison.


      I have successfully 'cloned' this edison at least once using the following method


      1 Copy to SD card

      $dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/media/sdcard/edison_backup.img


      2 Copy edison image to target edison

      $dd if=/media/sdcard/edison_backup.img of=/dev/mmcblk0


      This first cloned edison seemed to work without a hitch.

      My application contents are in the 'node_app_slot' directory so the node server launches when the edison boots.


      Now on my 2nd attempt am encountering some issues.

      First after the copy of the edison image to my target edison(#2 above), the 'node_app_slot' directory doesn't seem to copy.

      I can see it but when I try to cd to it get an error message saying 'can't cd to node_app_slot'



      So I removed any reference to 'node_app_slot'

      $rm -r node_app_slot

      Then I created a new directory

      $mkdir node_app_slot

      Confirmed that I can cd to it

      Works, great

      Now I copied the contents of my original node server app to this 'node_app_slot' directory

      $cp -a -i /home/root/app/. /node_app_slot/


      Seems to work

      I then manually launched my node server in the 'node_app_slot' directory

      $cd /

      $cd node_app_slot

      $node app



      BUT, when I reboot the edison I seem to be back where I started.

      The 'node_app_slot' directory is visible but I can't cd to it, and obviously my node server is not launching or working.


      What is going on here?