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    Intel galileo gen 1 - problem uploading a sketch with a microSD


      Hi everyone,


      I have an issue with my Intel Galileo gen 1. I followed the different instructions to set up my galileo there https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/galileo-getting-started-guide

      So updating firmware to version 1.0.0 and uploading the blinking sketch = success for both !


      Then I decided to use a micro SD card. I downloaded the bigger image version 1.0.4. Doing the stuff to put it on the SD: format + copy the extracted folder.


      But I have some problem right now. In fact, after unplugging the electrical power supply, putting my microSD in the galileo slot and then plugging the electrical power supply... uploading the blinking sketch (or any sketch) doesn't work !

      The SD LED blink a lot of times during ~ 5 sec when plugging the power supply and after stop.


      I tried to unplug the microSD and upload a sketch: it works. Only with the microSD i have an issue. I suspect a crash during the boot, but unfortunately cannot verify it :-( ? (or how ?)


      Any clue about it ?


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards