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    All issues I have come accross whilst using XDK and Eclipse IDE


      The issues I have found are as follows with Eclipse:

      1. Cannot duplicate or make new projects. https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/541684

      2. None of the c++ examples for Grove sensors work, when including the Grove files into an existing demo project ( as I still cannot create new or duplicate) it just throws errors that the classes do not exist even though they are included in the project and project settings.

      Issues with IoT XDK:

      1. Freezes entire computer, pretty much impossible to do anything while it is running, crashes browsers, slows down PC and takes forever to do anything.  I can have my 3D printer software open, Netbeans with many projects open, Filezilla connected to multiple domains, image editing software, 3 browsers and other software open at the same time but when I open the XDK I can only have the XDK and one browser tab open, and even that crashes the browser constantly.

      2.  WARN package.json OnboardLEDBlink@0.0.0 No repository field. Demo project does not work, says everything is uploaded ok but led doesnt blink. Started with the blink example and gave up after first hour of repeating the steps in the guide. Cannot find info online to fix this.

      3. "The secure connect will work with this old daemon but you will not be protected against insecure connections" click here to view more takes me to page that says i am not authorized and access is denied to view despite being logged in, again gave up, nothing seems to work this happens for most of the error pop ups.