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    How so I install Eclipse on Linux


      My windows version on Eclipse locks, crashes,and burns about every day.  Sometimes it requires re installing to fix. I have been using Eclipse for Android for 2 years and that has never happened.  Anyway, I decided to try Eclipse for Edison on Linux and find the instructions a little lacking.

      I downloaded Eclipse from https://software.intel.com/en-us/node/532593 and did what they said and nothing at all happened.  I managed to discover that I needed JDK and installed Open JDK.  Changed the permissions on the launcher and it ran but Eclipse would not start, permission denied.  I changed the permission to executable and Eclipse opened along with a string of error messages (more than a dozen pair)

      Unable to find full path for "i586-poky-linux-gcc"
      Unable to find full path for "i586-poky-linux-g++"

      I can't seem to find help online on this one.  Probably something simple so please educate me.

      And need I say that the instuctions given are a little lacking:

      After finishing, go to the created directory devkit-ide-linux and execute the devkit-launcher file to launch the SDK IDE Eclipse for application development.

      Thanks for your help.