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    Creating or duplicating Eclipse Project


      Hi everyone. I have spent 7 hours trying to get a simple copy or new IoT project working, i have followed the info in the code examples, the documentation in the tutorial and nothing works. Does anyone have an real tutorial on how to do this please I am almost ready to give up with the Eclipse IDE, how can something as simple as creating or copying a project be so hard ?


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          Attached is where I end up evrytime when creating a new project using the following tutorial:





          This example is completely wrong the features it tells you to use for creating a new project do not even exist:


          Getting Started with Eclipse on Intel® IoT Platforms


          Copying a project always ends up with errors such as:


          Error starting process.
          2 Cannot run program "C:\Users\Usuario\Transporter\TechBubble\_IoT\IntelGalileo\_SOFTWARE\iotdk-ide-win\iotdk-ide-win\iot-devkit\workspace\TechBubble_CPP_LinGalileo_Security\Debug\TechBubble_CPP_LinGalileo_Security": Launching failed
          3 Cannot run program "C:\Users\Usuario\Transporter\TechBubble\_IoT\IntelGalileo\_SOFTWARE\iotdk-ide-win\iotdk-ide-win\iot-devkit\workspace\TechBubble_CPP_LinGalileo_Security\Debug\TechBubble_CPP_LinGalileo_Security": Launching failed
          4 Cannot run program "C:\Users\Usuario\Transporter\TechBubble\_IoT\IntelGalileo\_SOFTWARE\iotdk-ide-win\iotdk-ide-win\iot-devkit\workspace\TechBubble_CPP_LinGalileo_Security\Debug\TechBubble_CPP_LinGalileo_Security": Launching failed


          Error in final launch sequence
          2 Failed to execute MI command:
          3 -exec-run
          4 Error message from debugger back end:
          5 Don't know how to run.  Try "help target".
          6 Don't know how to run.  Try "help target".


          I cannot find documentation that covers any of this. Getting very disheartened with the Dev Kit IDEs and documentation, I have been a developer for about 15 or so years and have never had as many problems as I have faced in the last two days The Arduino IDE works great apart from the issues I posted yesterday with the Ip issues but I want to do more advanced stuff that will require the Eclipse IDE but not able to get my foot off the starting block.


          Download: https://software.intel.com/sites/default/files/managed/2c/6a/NewProject.gif


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            Hi AdamMiltonBarker,


              I tried on Ubuntu 14.10(do not have Win7/8 handy) and followed instructions given at: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/guide-to-eclipse-ide-0, and I was able to setup Eclipse, Create new projects, copy projects etc.


            Did you ensure to download the right version of Eclipse? As per the guide - Please download Intel Version of Eclipse.


            To get started the Intel version of Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers should be downloaded. Other versions can produce applications, but may be missing Intel® Galileo and Edison-specific elements necessary for deployment.


            Please let know if you are still facing the issue.

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              Paul Bearne

              Looks like your trying to run the application on the local pc and not your device. if you click run menu run configurations click the drop down menu item here it shows local and select your device. it should then download the code and run it. if your device Is not shown click new next to local and create one as shown in figure 13 of the document. this will need to be repeated for the debug configuration just debug as from the run menu. hope gets you up and running