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    Something amiss with hwclock


      Running IOTDK Kernel image on Galileo GEN2:

      When executing hwclock from inside a c program, I get ye ole: "hwclock: can't open '/dev/misc/rtc': No such file or directory" problem.

      However if I execute hwclock from the shell it works fine.  My app runs in an isolated environment with no network assess so it gets it's time reference by dialing up a server over the PSTN.  I set the RTC using /dev/rtc and the accompanying ioctl no problem.  But when I do a "system ("hwclock -s") to sync the kernel with the RTC I get the error.  Any ideas? Could it be some issue with the environment of the shell that gets forked by the system call?  Is that different that the environment of the shell that invoked the app?  I have no idea so any clues would be appreciated.

      I did try symlinking /dev/misc/rtc -> /dev/rtc0 but get "Device or resource busy".