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    Building a serial cable in less time it takes to write this post


      Working with Galileo you might look for a serial cable fitting in the "audio JACK" plug which is required e.g. if you want to upgrade the firmware. Below I put a brief photo story showing the steps to quickly build one.


      1. get hold of a stereo headphone cable / plug. You should have 3 wires inside. Varnish insulation can easily removed by just burning it. You can easily spot the 3 areas on the stereo plug In the picture below you. In the following we will enumerate those sections 1 (front), 2 (middle), and 3 (big GND section)



      2. Get hold of 3 cables with jacks (and leave the GND cable longer than I did ;-))



      3. the contacts will be covered by heat shrink later on


      4. I like crimping - you could of course solder likewise


      5. crimped cables - don't forget to put the heat shrink before you connect



      6. place the heat shrinks


      7. and heat it preferably with a hot air fan - but lighter works as well (just make sure you don't burn insulation)


      8. a big heat shrink goes over all 3 connects


      9. as a more comfortable alternative: if you do have a serial cable you can likewise connect directly



      10. Directly plug into a USB -> serial adapter:

      connect as follows

      stereo jack -> serial

      1 -> 2

      2-> 3

      3 (GND) -> 5




      That's it. And it took way longer to write this post than to build the cable