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    Current software dev kit for Edison has a problem


      Hi guys,

      Just wanted to let you know that as of 13/Feb/2015, the digital signature for the USB drivers from Intel is expired.

      This means that any new install of the software dev kit for the Intel Edison in Windows 8 from that day onwards will not correctly install CDC serial and RNDIS.

      On the practical side, this means that the user is not able to upload any sketch to the Edison using the Arduino IDE, which uses the usb driver. Since the installer silently ignores this error, and the rest of the Edison works fine, many developers will tear their hair out trying to upload their sketch to the Edison after correctly following the installation steps.

      The current workaround is to remove the check for signatures for new drivers, as explained here:


      But, this is clearly not ideal. Hopefully Intel will provide a new installer soon.