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    Guideness for Gps


      I'm going to track the particular object with the help of gps,so i need some guideness to connect the gps to galileo,so i need the connecting code for gps to galileo either in c,C#

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          Some hints.

          1. Google TinyGPS - you will have to make some changes but it will work fairly well to decode the GPS strings. 2. A GPS IS a very simple device - it is connected serially via tx/rx (HARDWARE Serial). 3. Normally the defaults are ok so you don't have to send data to it. 4. Write a simple program to ...... a. connect to hardware rx (various baud rates) b. Poll hw serial - for every character there, output it to console - that will allow you to see if you have the baud rate correct. Research Ports on galileo and mapping to devices in /dev (I think they are in this forum somewhere) C code to read from hardware port - nothing magical about this - will be fairly standard unix C GPS Sentence construction. C language Sorry I havens written the code for you - but from my lofty age (58) I believe it is better to point people to where the answers are - they learn more that way. Stan

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            StanG is correct and I will just add a key word. GPS is typically serial comms. They output NMEA sentences. Search for "NMEA library" and you will get more than you need.