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    Display Problem


      Hello Guys...


      My English not good.




      i have a notebook, gigabyte p2532n

      intel core i 7 2630QM
      geforce 550M or 540M... when i update graphic driver it going on 550m i dont know why !!
      8gig ram


      when i playing a game... like dota 2, my screen scaling in game so many times.
      ill upload two picture and you can see that, that happen all the game for me.

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          sorry, you ended up in the wrong forum - this forum is about Intel(R) Edison

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            Hello Mamalid thanks for joining the Intel Community.

            What kind of video port are you using? DVI HDMI VGA?


            Could you please attach the DX Diag report from your system? (Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Save All Information).


            Bear in mind that we recommend customers to download and install the drivers provided by the system manufacture, since our drivers are generic drivers and sometimes these cannot be installed on other systems or the installation of them could overwrite their customizations and possibly change the functionality of the graphics.