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    new pc design - based on bios technology and logics


      this new computer design has hardware installed and bios software fixed. meaning only software to develop. its so much easier than pc crap. about the electric network model. this design has a circuit means all logic is already installed. pretty cool check pics. this is not for the hw running but a runtime is already installed based on a personal design. not all the hw is labeld. but np. atleast there is a layout model





      thats all of it. first post some images were not included.

      what a marvel of computers and hw already installed not based on the hw software. just software is needed. hw already installed. but something might come up on screen already. before software. what a fun project. now a processor is not included in this build. but the technology is still new.

      and custom logic chips could be made. or in addition to my design. thanks.

      - Lgm

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          This project really is exciting. another new pc model. now that is worth 1000s. and wow so good for the economy to have such a good technological device. now this model is set. but i have 2 parts here that can be ported to the pc for now.

          now windows requested a runtime. and once they got the model working. i put out another version which is good for pc. plus my graphics model now those can be used in pc. but the rest i would like to keep it the same computer model.

          but these can be used in the pc model. stuff they can use.


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            now this project should go through. its a good model and all the hw is based on pc hw. so there is a good chance that it might be compatable even the internet and communications etc.

            now this other project might not go through right away. though it is one of my designs i have developed this because it is so hard to build things. and with the text out. it might even need to be implimented atleast as hw manufacturers this piece of plastic. only in my dreams.


            BERD - NotossinLinesofFair x 07AcuracyPlatedEi

            [what a nice peace ] cia box (the clarity of Plastic) [made of Plastic]
            [Seriel .. Paper and 30 seconds]

            this too can help the us economy.

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              now with the hdw already installed that means development for computer is already curved. so the software doesn't need to develop for hw directly. the software will work since hdw is already on board. the software need only to develop what they need. now like for example. the memory.space. only the memSpace program need to be developed now thats for the actual storage. is software. not the hdw now that the hdw installed will work the same regardless. there is an option to write some soft on the hdw. but it is for the majical technological installtion.

              and not needed for the os. and for software development.

              this design from the model. is a Cyber design Storage logic it will work with the software. but the storage need be in a software file on the drive. it is way better and easier to develop software. now those who try and run hardware will not succed with this model. and a runtime is already installed that makes noise. pretty cool. now the old run and error out method of software. is not qualified for this model.

              yes i have already learned about that. some of them wish to take over hardware instead of develop software. it is not this model. it the pc electronic network design for installtion of software. such a better thing for software developers and debuggers. now this very stylish system is already implimented as a hardware machine. and the system software can be developed and work with the hardware installation.

              heres the memory model. it is way better than the mem Software out. It is designed as a Game Machine logic w a Format. Cyber. hwe


              yes so the hw logic is already implimented a Hw Storage logic. meaning the software must include the Storage. and yet this hw is already installed and already working. it does not even need to boot up. now acidic things and metals can be used for the pc and internet compatability such as a usb board or something.

              I am so Proud of this memory installtion it provides a better software storage model than what we have today. i dont know of what GB but depends on the software 2 model installtions of this are not needed since the logic is already implimented and the Software is only to be written. and the runtime model up by the usb on the first image. is compatable with the "running" technology. and is already installed and software tech.. all those old pc error that are so bad for the end user and developer. those are not implimented in hw. and all that bickering and error. the hw is already installed etc. so only software developments.

              Some of what the chineese were saying is that they can impliment a specific plastic on top of the design. a named plastic. so that the hw would be better recognized on the board. thats that. now this electric logic model allows for electric all over the board. because of the circuit model on the second page. with the 2nd version of the runtime. i would use this circuit on the model. but the first runtime should be used. and not the second logic design as i made that for a software implimentation somewhere and could work in pc as a pc upgrade. but they said that a plastic piece should be implimented on top of the logic chips. so they can be better used by the board and software.

              thats it.

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                now if intel is looking to build on this model. a good thing to replace could be the bios chip on the second image.

                it wasn't included in the original design and would be a nice place to start. there is also one other space open. i thought the electric geo chip could go there if it need be electric. but both those could be replace with a nice intel chip or two if they wish.

                it is still a good model without.

                here is the main site. just up


                and heres the new project exe


                Brightcove Video:

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                  new basic app for this thing. its basically like a program loader and web browser like. just an application but can probably get ya some stuff if you dont have a way to load stuff to the drive and can get pretty cool. i dont have software loadin figured out. but something might be able to load by the hw. by default.


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                    wow have an old pic of a smalltime prv network proj.

                    pretty good little piece of hw. allows a network file installtion and nondl inet app. technically the netwrk should be offline to pub netwrks.

                    I forget the design. its a network file proj design prv network. w inet possiblity but must be a closed app on the sides if it has inet axs and the app must auto load dl everything just from its file list etc. pretty neat.


                    ust a bmp =)

                    later -lgm

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                      heres the 2 new ones. this one has even got some software on there as osfile. could even be imbedded in the hw with another one like usb. but with a restart on that side. .. =)


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                        one new one that adds the soft to the hw like usb. ok


                        and that should really make it so much more fun. just a simple os i have developed. and the logic is compressed but supported by the hw addr