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    Edison - Ethernet Over USB on Windows


      If you run into Serial or COM port conflicts/issues you may want to try to connect your Edison to your PC by way of Ethernet over USB.
      To do this you need

      - Edison Board
      - USB Data Cable
      - Free USB port on your PC

      Connect the Edison using a USB cable, connecting the micro USB port on second mini USB port from the edge.  This USB port also provides power to the Edison, thus you will be able to have a power and Ethernet over the same connection.  Once connected the Edison will power up  and connect to your PC. Give the Edison a moment to connect to the PC. You should get a notification that a drive was mounted called Edison.

      Network Adapter Settings
      From your version of Windows  view your Network Adapters (ie Network and Sharing > Change Adapter Settings) and look for a network adapter with the labelled RNDIS.  If found, select properties to configure it's IP address. From the list select IPV4 and then click Properties and then click the Properties Button. Change the IP information as follows

      If you do not see an adapter called RNDIS then you will need to install RNDIS drivers, then follow the Network Adapter Settings Above

      • Go to Device Manager and under other you should see an item for RNDIS
      • Right click and select update driver
      • Click Browse my computer for driver software then "Let me pick from a list of device driver in my computer"
      • Scroll the list to Networks Adapters and select Microsoft from the list on the left
      • Select the Network connection corresponding to the RNDIS gadget, install, then do the Adapter Settings above

      If successful you can now ping your Edison board on address   Using a terminal emulator you can SSH to Edison at address  Intel XDK IOT Edition should automatically detect your Edison board and you can select that IP address to upload your programs.