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    HDD and RAM upgrade of D865GBF board


      I need some advice to upgrade my desktop PC.
      I have an Intel P4 3.0 ghz D865GBF_ board with 80GB HDD and 512 MB ddr ram.


      I want to upgrade to 160gb and 2gb ram. Will the following be sufficinet for my requirement.







      I have a very tight budget and would as of now prefer the cheapest option out there.
      Also, do i need to give any other specification about my computer to understand what would be best to upgrade?


      Thanks in advance

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          To upgrade the HDD, you need to check that you board has a SATA connection if you want to use that HDD. Also you will need to limit the HDD to SATA 1, as i am sure thta board will not support SATA 2.0, this is done usually with a jumper on the HDD itself.

          In terms of memory the main thing tyou need to do is go on to the memory manufactures website and use theit tool to determine which memory is compatible with your board. Then you just google the part number and find teh cheapest.

          Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else.