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    i2c: Failed to set-up i2c sda multiplexer


      Gone about as far as I can go tonite on this.

      Simple program that creates a new instance of a UPM module.

      The program includes the .h for the upm module which are just source modules - not shared libraries. I compile and link against mraa. Stepping thru the code via debug I get to mraa_i2c_init(bus) - (and I have tried bus 6 and bus zero for grins), returns a zero for the context. Looking at the console I am getting a message as in the title of this note. I have the latest mraa and upm installed on the arduino edison board. I have the latest upm and mraa components installed in the IDE on my mac. I have had i2c code running before on this system - just not with modules set up as above. I did notice that someone just posted a comment on the intel arduino forum with symptoms identical as mine. I am sure the problem is probably in my code - but... is there any chance something may have broken in the latest mraa for arduino edison?