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    Virtualization Problem with D5400XS


      Well, my problem is actually fairly simple...  The virtualization options just aren't in the Bios.  I've downgraded to Bios version 1140 when they first were said to have been added.  The options aren't there in 1140, 1149, 1177, or 1353.  I've progressively updated to each Bios version since 1140 when they were supposedly added, and all have turned up without the Virtualization and EIST Options.  My system configuration is as follows:


      Intel D5400XS Version: AAD94664-502

      2 - Intel Xeon E5410 processors (yes, they support both VT-x and EIST, I already checked that)

      4 - 2GB DDR2 FB-DIMM 800

      ATI Radeon 4870X2 2GB Graphics

      Soundblaster Titanium X-FI


      Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated because i use Linux in Virtual Machines for my research and it would be nice to get it running on more than one processor.