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    Rank Novice - Blink Sketch not starting


      I have connected my Edison Arduino Board to my computer (Windows 7) via COM4 and used PuTTY to login.  I then exit'ed and shut PuTTY down, started the Arduino IDE, verified that the board and port were correct and opened the Blink example sketch.  When I select the "right Arrow", this is the log:

      ------ log begins -----

      cygwin warning:

      starting download script

        MS-DOS style path detected: C:\Intel\arduino-1.5.3-Intel.1.0.4/hardware/arduino/edison/tools/izmir/clupload_win.sh

        Preferred POSIX equivalent is: /cygdrive/c/Intel/arduino-1.5.3-Intel.1.0.4/hardware/arduino/edison/tools/izmir/clupload_win.sh

        CYGWIN environment variable option "nodosfilewarning" turns off this warning.

        Consult the user's guide for more details about POSIX paths:


      Args to shell: C:\Intel\arduino-1.5.3-Intel.1.0.4/hardware/tools/x86/bin C:\Users\cpalmer\AppData\Local\Temp\build6131918686553732313.tmp/Blink.cpp.elf COM4


      COM PORT 4

      Converted COM Port COM4 to tty port /dev/ttyS3


      echo "starting download script"

      echo "Args to shell:" $*


      # ARG 1: Path to lsz executable.

      # ARG 2: Elf File to download

      # ARG 3: COM port to use.


      #path contains \ need to change all to /



      Sending Command String to move to download if not already in download mode


      #COM ports are not always setup to be addressed via COM for redirect.

      #/dev/ttySx are present. Howwever, COMy -> /dev/ttySx where x = y - 1




      echo "COM PORT" $com_port_id


      echo "Converted COM Port" $com_port_arg "to tty port" $tty_port_id


      echo "Sending Command String to move to download if not already in download mode"

      echo "~sketch download" > $tty_port_id


      #Move the existing sketch on target.

      echo "Deleting existing sketch on target"

      $fixed_path/lsz.exe --escape -c "mv -f /sketch/sketch.elf /sketch/sketch.elf.old" <> $tty_port_id 1>&0

      Deleting existing sketch on target

      -----log ends-----

      and it stops there (10 min later it's still there and no blinking).

      The behavior is identical with and without the Base Shield.


      I would appreciate any suggestions for getting past this point.