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    Unable to configure (TLS) Agent Authentication



      I have a working (demo) server with Intel AMT (version 9.0.31, bios version 1107, current setup mode is enterprise and TLS security is working). I am using the manageability director tool (v0.1.33).

      Now I want to introduce Agent Authentication, as to authenticate remote users before they are allowed to remote control this demo server. I start by adjusting the security profile (to TLS Security + Agent Authentication, using the same self signed certificates used for the TLS security), but when trying to push this to the AMT box (by 'Set this profile on computers...") I get a message box (see attached) full with error messages, the first one being 'the request failed with HTTP status 404: not found'.


      Any tips / hints or further 'how to' guides for me to read?


      Much appreciated,



      (this was posted earlier on the intel business client software development forum, but I was requested to move this to the vPro expert forum)

      message box with erros