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    Intel GMA 3150 OpenGL, disabled by Windows 8!


      I have a Neo Basic B3390 netbook with a processor of Intel Atom N570, a graphics card of Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 and an operating system of windows 8.

      When I bought this netbook, it had an operating system of windows 7 Starter and the intel GMA 3150 worked fine but the problem came when I upgraded my OS to windows 8 wherein I cannot even open the graphics menu (graphics properties) which is possible to open in windows 7. Why is it that I cannot access the openGL of my graphics card and if I play minecraft, it won't run because it needs an accelerated openGL mode. I scanned my netbook for openGL and it said that there is no OpenGL in my netbook. Please help me because many of my applications won't run without openGL. Is the main reason is when I f***ed up my computer by upgrading to Windows 8 and losing OpenGL, or is it that Intel Corporation has no drivers for windows 8 for this GMA 3150 yet.