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    Help for Non-booting Intel DQ35JO Motherboard


      Hi everyone


      I am seeking some help and advice on trying to get an Intel DQ35JO 775 board to boot. It starts up ok. I can get access to the bios, but I just can't get it to boot off any form of device or media. I have took out the cmos battery for an hour, reset the bios settings to default. I ahve tried known working sticks of RAM, working CPUs, onboard graphics and pci-express graphics card.


      The board refuses to boot off any dvd drive (ide or sata) or usb stick. It seems to go through post ok, but it then just hangs at a black screen with a flashing cursor in the top left corner and 0_ in the bottom right hand corner.


      Never had this kind of problem with Intel boards before. Does any have any suggestions or experience of getting this board to boot properly?