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    s3420gp problem with rdimm not supported??


      Hello Intel hello all!!


      just i upgrade my systemboard s3420gplc from i3 560 to xeon x3470 and works fine

      with i3 560 and xeon x3470 i had 2x2gb uddims a1 b1 slot working fine!!

      i bought 4x rdimm 4gb samsung M393B5170D1Z-CH9 from support list in memory compatibility for s3420gplc

      all rdimms faild(beeps)  and the serverboard has errors.


      000x0x00 memory test error. memory failed hardware bist

      i upgrade the bios to latest + bmc + sdr..

      i have 2 sas controllers and when i disconnect them the problem exists.

      can any one help me??