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    USB issue or is it software?


      I have the boradwell based i3 with the 2.5in HDD option. I have both m2 SSD and a HDD installed along with 4gb of ram.

      Anyone else having the issue of when using the two usb ports in the back at the same time, the computer freezes? I had a my wireless MS keyboard/mouse combo and external plugged in and the computer froze on me until I unplugged my external. Same thing with a flash drive. I test this out on both ports in the back same thing. Oddly enough, if I plug in say a my phone, or camera(or possibly any powered usb device), this issue does not occur. Nor does this issue occur if I have the usb stick and usb powered externals both in the back, while the keyboard is in the front usb port(with and without another usb device plugged into the open front usb). It's not a full freeze either as if I press the power button the shut down menu pops up. And all is fixed if i remove the usb driver or relocate the keyboard combo. Any ideas?

      BTW: This under gnome Ubuntu 14.10 64bit with the 3.18.8 Thank you.

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          Yes, I've seen this kind of thing too.


          It seems that USB3 ports can radiate RF interference in the 2.4GHz part of the spectrum which is almost certainly what your wireless mouse/keyboard are using. It's not a NUC-specific issue although I'm sure the very small footprint doesn't help. Intel published a paper on the issue:


          USB 3.0* Radio Frequency Interference on 2.4 GHz Devices


          I simply used a cheap USB2 hub with an 18 inch cable to move the mouse/keyboard receivers/dongles away from the NUC and its USB3 ports.Problem solved!

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            That seems to make sense, but then why do I not see this when the keyboard is plugged into the front ports? Or, when using a non-usb powered peripheral, like the aforementioned phone and camera is plugged in to the rear ports along with the keyboard? That's what kind of throws me off here thinking maybe it's another issue?

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              I think the interference is very short range so the exact proximity of the various components is very critical. I also noticed that the symptoms were a bit different between the from and back ports. Also, the keyboard/mouse problems were worse when used in conjunction with USB3 devices.


              Actually, when using two USB3 thumb drives (one as a boot device and the other as a backup destination for the SSD) the keyboard/mouse were just about totally unusable. But using a hub to move those receivers just a few inches completely solved the problem.


              Never say never but I do think it more than likely moving your dongle will work for you too.

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                It's not the biggest deal to me if the device/port isn't broken, as right now I keep the mouse dongle in the back and plug most usb stuff in the front port. I just wanted to know if there was a usb issue or not as I asked the local store I bought it from(when I was returning something), they said it could be a software issue, while other said that could be hardware. All of the usb storage I plug in are usb 3 devices, and I think the keyboard is usb 2.0 device.

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                  Any other ideas or suggestions?

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                    Guys, thanks for joining the Intel Community

                    I would like to make some testing with a Broadwell Based NUC, however please provide me with the following information:


                    • NUC complete model number:
                    • Current BIOS version:
                    • Operating system:
                    • USB devices you are trying to use:


                    I would really appreciate this information in order to make a lab.




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                      In my case:


                      * NUC5i5RYH

                      * Latest BIOS

                      * Lubuntu 15.04


                      USB devices were some/all of:


                      * Logitech K.400 wireless keyboard

                      * Logitech V450 wireless mouse

                      * Sandisk Extreme USB3 thumb drive 32GB

                      * Patriot Supersonic Xpress thumb drive 8GB

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                        *NUC5i3RYH with the latest bios, running gnome Ubuntu 14.10 with kernel 3.18.8. I am using the Microsoft wireless keyboard mouse combo. A patriot usb 3 thumb drive, a Toshiba usb 3 1tb external(usb powered), and a LG G2(Verizon model). 

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                          Any updates?

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                            I like many others continue to have USB issues.  In my case, I cannot manage large files (up to 10 gigs each, average around 3 gigs) on a WD 2 TB Passport drive.  When I try to delete files, they system hangs indefinitely,  Doesn't matter if I going through a powered hub or direct to one of the 3.0 connections.  I noticed a new USB 3.0 driver posted on the 19th, but it meantions Windows 7 only, I am running 8.1.  With minimal internal storage, the USB connections are critical to its useabilty, which at the moment is severely compromised.

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                              Hi BobH.


                              The drivers for USB 3.0 are provided with windows 8.1; Intel does not provide these drivers. For issues regarding these drivers you would have to contact Microsoft*.

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                                I am reaching for straws, hoping it is a driver issue.  If what you say is correct, I am sure MS would have fixed any driver issue long ago.  I will post a video of the system beharior on YouTube with commentary and ask for input from others.


                                Bob H.

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                                  Based on the available info, my money would be on the disk drive. Can you try a different one? Preferably a different model versus another sample of the same drive. I've run into way too many issues with Western Digital firmware over the years.

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                                    Yes, I had thought of that.  The nice thing with this drive is that it is portable and can be used on multiple systems.  The drive works perfectly on an old Dell Pentium 4 laptop, a 3 year onl HP 8440 I5 laptop and my custom build tower with an I7, 32 gigs of RAM, etc.  When I do my YouTube video, I will show my attempt to delete files on the NUC and then with the same Passport and cable on the HP laptop sitting right next to it.




                                    Bob H.