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    Intel edison arduino board can't flash firmware.


      I have plugged both micro usb , and swith sw1 toward micro usb port, but on mac osx 10.10 host, I was not found dfu device using dfu-util --list.

      even on windows 7 64bit host, there was blank when I type dfu-util --list.


      I can still use putty or screen command to monitor and communication with edison board, I can find a storage label "edison", I can found "intel edison virtual com port" in windows device management control panel.

      Just can not found dfu device.


      I once borrowed an intel arduino board, make a custom firmware base on ww42 version source, and successful flash it to edison board.

      It works!

      I made a full backup image using dd command before I returned that board.

      Now, I buy a new intel arduino board, use dd command restore the backup image to it, everything is fine.

      Recently, I notice Intel had released a new version firmware, then I build another firmware image base on ww05 source.



      I have run iotdk_win_install last night, and checked the "update image" option. It have download weekly-120/2015-15 firmware and successful update by OTA.

      but I still want to flash myself compiled firmware by wire. It is a huge image, about 1.6GB, can't fit to edison disk to do a OTA flash.