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    DX58SO booting twice before starting windows


      Hi there, good morning


      Im having this issue since last monday.  I've changed my old intel stock cooler for a new aftermarket one.  In order to do that it, i have turned off my psu unit and swich coolers, turned on psu, power up pc, ok ..  i did it a couple of times because i got the new fan placed the worng side in the first attempt. After everythig set up, i've turned on my PSU unit again and power up the PC (3º time)


      Now this is whats happening:  Everytime i power up the PC or just make a regular restart (from windows start menu)  the PC reboot normaly but as soon it reachs the BIOS screen it reboots again (by it self) and then, pass again by BIOS screen and continues to load windows.


      Is there any issue with my hardwares for this "twice boot" always happening ?  could be memory ? i have some changes on my BIOS setup.  one of them is the CPU vcore voltage set to 1.07  i dont know if this could causing this problem because this settings were all the same and the (reboot 2 times thing) started after the new cooler replacement.  i've also load bios default values (F9 and save) but the machine keep starting twice before load windows..


      I would be glad if you could help me with this..



      here my specs

      DX58SO with last bios installed

      intel core i7 920

      akasa nero cooler

      ocz 1333 6gb triple channel

      geforce gtx 295

      seagate 500gb HD sata

      DVD-RW drive

      Corsair 620HX psu