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    Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 Problem


      I just bought a new laptop for 1000$ Lenovo- y50 and the wireless card sucks is 3160 intel and it only on for a minutes then connection is lost, Driver is updated

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          Hello waheedkab,


          We are sorry to know that you are having connectivity issues with the Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160. Here are some actions that have resolved this type of issue for other users:


          1. Review and apply the settings from the document:


          What are the Recommended Settings for 802.11n Connectivity?


          2. Disable the Bluetooth adapter of the computer and test if the connection improves that way. This is normally done with a switch or keyboard shortcut, it may also be done from the Operating System.


          3. Check if the issue happens with the PC closer to the wireless access point, or changing the position of the computer.


          For further assistance let us know the PC model, operating system, wireless network information, driver versions, etc. This will help provide accurate recommendations.

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            Hi Jonathan,


            I have the exact same problem as the poster of this issue, with the same AC 3160 adapter. But the advanced settings for the adapter do not include the "N Mode" options you linked to in your post, so I cannot enable "802.11n mode".


            Also, under "Wireless Mode" and "HT Mode", the only options are a, b, g, b/g, a/g, and a/b/g. There is no /n here either.

            My connection's bandwidth is 100 Mbs (tested and working consistently over 90 Mbps). I should be getting at least 50 Mbps through WiFi, but I get a maximum of 18-20.


            All drivers have just been updated through the manufacturer's system update utility. The laptop is a new Lenovo ThinkPad E550, Intel Core i5-5200U, 4GB RAM, running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, with all available updates installed.


            I am really disappointed with this product because of this issue. Please advise asap!

            Thank you in advance.

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              Hello florin2002,


              Please confirm if you applied the 3 actions mentioned in the previous post. Additionally, you may also try these steps:


              - Check the configuration of your Wireless router and make sure QOS-WMM is enabled, also, the Encryption type should be one of the current standards such as WPA2-AES (you can also do a test with encryption disabled to see if that changes the behavior).


              - Make sure your Wireless router firmware is up to date.


              - The 802.11n mode setting will not be shown in the AC3160 advanced properties, but you should make sure of the other ones mentioned in the advisory, including:


              Roaming aggressiveness: Set to Low

              U-APSD support: Disabled

              VHT mode: VHT if you use an AC wireless network. HT if you use Wireless-N. Disabled if you only use A/B or G.


              What type of router do you use? Do you get better results if connected to 5 GHz band? Have you tried placing the computer close to the Access Point?

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                I solved the problem don't remember exactly how, but this is what I did, I uninstalled all programs related to wireless card and the driver. Then tried several drivers only without the supporting program, and driver worked well. One thing I don't remember if I did or not is cancelling the auto-scan when associated in card options.

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                  Thank you waheedkab! It work well in my Y50!