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    Display driver crash causing system to freeze during start up of Photoshop and Premiere Pro


      This problem only happens if I put my computer through sleep cycles. On a fresh restart I can launch both photoshop and premiere without problem. Once the system freezes, I can't do anything but to force shut-down the laptop by long pressing my power button.


      The following thread describes similar issues but for a different driver. I've followed the suggestion and manually installed the latest driver from Intel (the OEM didn't work) for my intel graphics card, but the problem persists.

      Re: After updating to Windows 8.1: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"


      Any help is very appreciated!


      PC Info:

      Windows 8.1 84-bit

      Intel Core i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz

      Graphics Cards:

      AMD Radeon R7 M270

      Intel HD Graphics 5500