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    Rapid Storage Technology enterprise - Windows isn't recognizing the full RAID 5 drive space


      I just setup my first server using an S1200v3RLP Intel board and Windows 2012 R2.  I configured the BIOS to see my 5 2TB drives as Raid 5 using Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise (RSTe).  After installing the driver during the OS install and loading the application, I waited about 2 days for the raid array to complete the initialization process.  Now, windows is still saying that I only have 2TB, not the full 7TB. Do I need to create the volume again in Windows, similar to what I did when I first setup the RAID in EFI?  If so, will this destroy my current info (OS + windows updates).  I've read the Windows OS user guide for RSTe, but I'd have a little more comfort if I had some feedback from the community.