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    Help needed with flashing bios DX58SO


      So guys, i know this is one more topic, and i did read all the others, so hang with me please.

      Got my pc yesterday, intel DX58SO, core i7 920, 6gb ram yadda yadda. all was working fine, as i was doing all the lastest updates available for every part of my system (of course, nothing that said beta). then i got to the mobo bios and decided to give it a shot, as vista was rating my pc very low (1.0, video card, and i have a radeon hd 4870 1gb).


      Then h*** broke loose. Bios started out nice and quiet, took a long while to self reboot, but i didnt push a button or anything, and it eventually rebooted. then, it started to like it, and rebooted after 10 seconds, no splash screen, no nothing. I started looking around for help topics around here, did the CMOS erase, did the recovery method, my pendrive has only the .bio file in it (and the lastest, the SO4196P) still, i get this message. just assume before this one everything says done, ok? cant take pictures.


      Current revision: 86A.3435.2009.0210 <- just so you guys know what bios version im coming from

      Updating to revision 86A.4196.2009.0715 <- this means its reading.


      then a bunch of dones, until it gets to the flash.


      Flashing image for descriptor area...[done]

      Flashing imagem for recovery firmware...[failed!]


      Flash update failed!


      Technical information: (0x80000000000007, 1284)


      it asks for me to put the jumper back on. jumper on, jumper off, jumper on config, doesnt matter, the BIOS wont boot up. also unresponsive to all tries of F2 when it splash screen. Only thing that is connected to my PC is my flash drive and the monitor, as i disconnected HD and dvd-drive as arial (i think) suggested so it would read only from the flash. again, already did the CMOS reset, to no effect. Also, tried other bios versions, including the original one, same thing, no effect.


      Please, please help. give me an idea i didnt have yet...