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    THE real maximum capacity/speed of RAM for upgrading my macbook pro, can i go beyond the specs ?

    Bernard Bourgeois

      Hello new here, i have entered this as a discussion but really meant it as a question, sorry for repeating ...


      Would like to understand what is THE real maximum capacity/speed ram i can put in my macbook pro late 2011 (2675QM sandy bridge: IntelMaxSpecs=16G/1333Mhz and AppleMaxSpecs=8G/1333Mhz). Many say you can go beyond the maximum specs from Intel/apple.


      1-For example: could i go 8G or 16G with 1600Mhz ?

      2-How should we look at this , are there any calculation involved ?

      3-Suppose you are able to start the computer with the new added memory,

      Would there be consequences of ignoring the limitations specified, could this arm the computer in anyway or reduce the life of the components ?


      Thanks for any answer