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    WIN 7 : Not able to access(CreateFile failed) winusb device under intel xHCI controller if inbox driver is loaded


      Hi ,

      CreateFile API is failed with ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND, when winusb comes with composite device.


      i have two Custom winusb devices which supports MS-OS descriptor with the Microsoft DeviceInterfaceGUID ({b35924d6-3e16-4a9e-9782-5524a4b79bac}).

      Two custom devices are,

      1. USB Composite Device - (Winusb  + CDC interface) - CreateFile API is Failed.

      2. Winusb Device - CreateFile API is Passed.

      So when i insert the composite device into machine, driver loaded automatically from online. But the CreateFile API is failed.

      I gottah chance to analyze using WINOBJ tool.



      I could see that, when the inbox driver is loaded to the composite device, Symbolic Link was not shown in WINOBJ tool. Thats why CreateFile API was failed.

      When the inbox driver is loaded to the Non Composite device, Symbolic Link showed in WINOBJ tool. Link was created automatically.


      To fix this problem,

      I created test signed winusb driver with specific HARDWARE id's, then i loaded that driver for the device, it started working.

      Some More findings:

      1. If i connect my device under Intel EHCI/xHCI controller with microsoft controller driver, above problem did not occur.

      2. Problem only comes when the device is connected under Intel xHCI controller with intel controller driver.

      3. Same problem in other link - http://www.osronline.com/showthread.cfm?link=233799

      Intel controller driver details:

      Device Description       : Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller

      Vendor                   : Intel (Version:  Date: 2013-04-26)

      Could you please anyone help what could be the reason for symbolic link was not created if the winusb device comes with composite device?

      Because i cannot go with test signed drivers.