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    RAID warning


      Ignorance is a bliss sometimes, but once one becomes aware, one wants to know what it might be or how to react.

      So, the RAID Web console is sending messages like these from time to time.


      Controller ID: 0 Patrol Read aborted on PD: -:-:6

      Event ID:445

      Generated On: Sat Mar 14 03:00:00 EET 2015


      System Details---

      Server IP:

      OS name:Windows

      OS Version:version

      Driver Name:megasas.sys

      Driver Version:6.600.21.08


      Image Details---

      BIOS Version :

      Firmware Package Version: 24.6.0-0036

      Firmware Version : 4.260.00-4046



      ARK | Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC080

      ARK | Intel® Server System R2308GZ4GC