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    Intel HD Graphics 4000


      Hi there

      My laptop is acer e1 core i7

      i have graphics problem with most games Despite good hardware

      such as FIFA 15 that it not good display on my laptop

      that is very slow

      I tried to update the graphics

      I could not find a suitable version with laptop



      please help me

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          Hello Sina, thanks for joining the Intel community.


          Looking at the picture you provided, it looks like the graphics driver you are using is not the latest one available.

          I would recommend you to contact Acer and search for the latest driver offered by them.

          If for any chance you are not able to find it, you can try to install ours by forcing the installation and performing manual procedure, however I cannot assure you they are going to work as expected.


          See here for instructions:   Graphics Drivers — Computer manufacturer graphics driver detected    


          However keep in mind that we provided generic drivers; and sometimes these cannot be installed on other systems or the installation of them could overwrite their customizations and possibly change the functionality of the graphics.


          Intel® Download Center




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            Thanks for your answer

            I still have a problem with the graphics driver updates

              I Will Follow it from Acer