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    Please Help ! The installation of the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST)  failed and now I'm blocked


      I have updated the Intel Rapide Storage software on my computer by the latest SetupRST.exe (

      The installation failled.

      Now :

      I don't have any Irst in my task bar.

      I don't have Irst in Add/remove programms.

      The icon of Irst in the control Pannel was remplaced by a strange "PRODUCTNAME" icon.

      I can't make a new installation of Irst, it doesn't work because I have some traces of the old crashed installation.


      I need to remove all traces of Irst on my computer to make a new fresh installation before.

      I don't know how to do. Is there a programm like "Removal or Uninstall tool" for Intel Rapide Storage please ?
      I'm desperate with this. (sorry for my English, I'm French)


      I'm on Windows 7 - 64bits