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    I am continuously receiving strange data on the Serial 0RX pin....


      I have an Intel Edison Arduino breakout.  I have another microcontroller communicating back and forth with the Intel Edison Arduino breakout board. I executed screen on the Edison and viewing the Edison's received data using PuTTY.  I can send and receive data back and forth from the Edison and my other microcontroller successfully.  My other microcontroller is sending "This is the Espruino talking!" to the Intel Edison every 3 seconds. What I am not understanding is, I am receiving strange data which appears to be some sort of noise.  I disconnected the jumper wire from my other microcontroller but still kept the jumper wire plugged into the Edison Arduino breakout board pin 0RX to see if the other microcontroller was causing the strange data issue.  However, I am still receiving the strange data and I have no idea why or how to stop it.  The strange data that I am referring to is the small squares.The strange noise completely disappears when I completely remove the jumper cable from pin 0RX of the Edison Arduino breakout board.  Is anyone else having this issue? And How do I fix this issue?  I attached a screen shot of the screen terminal window.