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    Intel GMA 3600 - Can't adjust brightness on Windows XP




      I've decided to install Windows XP on my Packard Bell ZE7 (DOT SC).

      It originally comes with Windows 7 Starter. I've found and installed all drivers successfully, I've got a problem with graphics driver only.

      I've tried to install some drivers for GMA 3600 for XP. Only that one works for me: Re: Drivers for graphics Intel GMA 3600/3650 - when?


      That driver works, but I can't adjust brightness with function keys (other function keys work fine).

      I also don't see Intel graphics driver logo on tray. When I try to run igfxtray.exe manually - nothing happens.


      In the topic from link above somebody says that brightness is working for him, so my question is: how to do it?

      Windows XP works much better on my netbook, so please help me. Thanks!


      I've attached a dump from dxdiag.