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    can not ping the ip used in AMT..


      Recently, i tried to enable the VPRO on a HP DC 7700 desktop. And after i enable ME, and configure a IP on AMT, i find that i can not even ping that ip....is there anything that i should pay attention to when i configure the AMT ? the ip that i choose is definitely in the LAN which the desktop connect...

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          AMT can be configured to respond or not respond to ICMP echo requests (pings). You can use a port scanner, such as nmap, to see if either TCP ports 16992 (used for non-SSL connections) or 16993 (used for SSL connections) are listening (open).


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            Acctually how can i see if the IP that i entered in AMT configure page is working ? i can not use IE to conenct when i try http://ip:16992...

            i use the nmap to see if port 16992 open, but i get report to say that the host seems down....

            by the way, when i start to pc, i can see that "AMT is configured and running" at the first beginning of boot.

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              I supposed that you want to connect to an AMT machine and manage it remotely.


              If yes, here are the steps:


              Assume System A is the AMT machine and System B is another machine which you will use to access System A remotely.


              Configuration of System A:


              For Desktop Board, some of them you will need to go into the Bios or the MEBx bios to configure AMT.
              Configure the AMT thru the bios or MEBx bios.
              Put a strong password like p@ssw0rD
              Administrator passwords must be between 8 and 32 characters long, have at least one upper case character, one lower case character, one number, and a special character (for example: !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *).
              Make sure to know whether the keyboard is US or UK configuration and write down the password safely.
              Enter a host name
              Configure TCP/IP settings DHCP enable or disable, ip address, subnet mask, etc.
              Select the Provision Model like Small Business
              Save and Exit.


              Connect a LAN cable from System A to System B


              On System B, you will need to configure the network with a same subnet.
              For example if your AMT ip address was, then your network ip address on System B needs to be something like 192.168.0.X
              Disable the Windows Firewall.
              Try to ping the ip address for System B, and AMT Ip Address.


              On System B, launch an Internet Explorer page.
              Type http://amt_ip_address:16992
              example here it will be:
              Enter the password that you have used during the AMT configuration.


              Hope these info will help a bit.


              All the best,



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                Dear Rajiv,


                Many thanks ! and my situation is both of System A and B connect to switch and in the same LAN. So i enter a ip on AMT of A system, and try to ping it from B system. But no luck...also can not use IE to connect AMT of A system...Is there anything else that i need to configure on A system ?

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                  Thanks ! I can open the IE page...but met a problem when log in...i use the password that i enter the PE...but..what is the user ? Administrator or anything else ?

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                    User: admin for Intel Desktop Motherboards.


                    Check this link so that you can get an idea how it works for an Intel Desktop Board.



                    All the best,