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    What Does It Mean to Configure a Non-Raid Hard Drive


      I just bought a new HP Pavillion PC and added a new HD, now the OS is a  Windows Vista 64x and so the Drives are SATA, (serial). Anyway after I installed the Drive and formatted the Drive, using the PC (manually), and all is working fine, the Drive is recognized and I've already installed some programs into this Drive.  My confusion is that each time I START my Computer I see a message while its booting up (in Dos area) that says something like this:...

      To Configure press CNTRL- I ,to configure Non-RAID Hard Drives.

      In this area it shows two my Two HDs, the original Drive that came with the Computer and it also shows the NEW HD I Installed.

      When I clicked on CNTRL-I it took me to the SETUP and it seems to be telling me to ADD a Volume Name...

      I do not understand what this is about...I'm also afraid that if I put up a new Name, It might also delete everything I installed already, not to mention what would happen with the Original Hard Drive which has the full array of Windows Vista software and everything else that all computers carry as a package.

      Can you give me some advice here?  or email it to me?  Thanks...vicflash