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    Problem Intel Vernonia S5000XVN + MSI GTX 750


      Just installed new graphic card to my worksation on s5000xvm, i repleced my old radeon 6450 hd with geforce MSI gtx 750 3gbddr5, the problem looks like that - after installation of new card i start a workstation i got bios beep - sounds ok, but no signal on monitor, then i got windows startup sound so it still sound ok but still no signal on display monitor, so it looks like whole worstation is working fine just a gpu gives no signal using d sub, ive chcecked my PCIE slot - it looks clean, whole mainboard looks ok - no dirt, no burnings, no sign of any damage, after i put back my old radeon ( on the same PCIE slot that didnt work with new card, same monitor, same cable ) everything works fine ( im just using it so it really works fine) so i guess PCI slot is ok, and also workstatnion i in use for like 12h every day - 3ds max, internet browsing, some gameing even - totally no problems - starts fine, no hang ups, no crashes, no problems with high temperatures i really keep it in good condition, and ofcourse when i put new card in ive clean pcie with air duster just in case - my full configuration looks like that :

      Intel Vernonia S5000XVN

      2x quad core Xeon e 5420

      12 gb Fb dimm ( 6x2gb ddr 2)

      2x hdd

      power supply - delta electronics 670W

      monitor - Acer V196hql

      im using vga(dsub) cable

      old graphic card - ati radeon hd 6450 - works fine

      new graphic card - MSI Global N750-2GD5/OC - totally no signal, with workstation sounds like working correctly ( sound of windows startup )

      bios - 03/26/07

      Any ideas>>>?i really really really wanna new gpu