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    adding another hard drive to a raid 5 for more storage


      Hello all,

      I have a raid 5 array I build for a HTPC/server Intel® RAID Controller SRCSASBB8I. Never had one issue glad to say except now I have run out of storage space. I have 6,1TB Drives that yields around 4.8 TB of usable storage.

      I thought I could simply add another drive to the card, scan for it with the web console utility and add it but the drive doesn't populate.

      My questions,

      1. It was a new drive s1 am adding so I didn't format it first. Maybe this needs to be done first? It's the same exact drive model as all the others.

      2. Is there any risk of corrupting the existing data on the current array when adding additional drives to increase the storage size?

      3. In order to be able to do this was I suppose to configure the array a special way when I first initialized the virtual disk?



      If it's best to back up all my data deleted the array and start over because I didn't configure something to be able to add drives then so be it. I will do. I just would love to learn what it is that's need so I don't find myself doing this again. 


      Thanks in advance for any and all help!!!