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    USB bandwidth problem After open three camera through one USB 2.0 HUB(Edison Arduino board)


      Dear All, I am trying to use three usb cameras on edison arduino board, but there is something wrong with the USB bandwidth. I use the same hardware to connect to raspberry pi B, and it work fine, bellow is the information of lsusb when i plug the hub and cameras into edison arduino board and raspberry pi:


      raspberry pi:


      and bellow is edison:(ubilinux)


      when i start three cameras one by one in raspberry pi platform it works fine:


      but when i try to start cameras in edison platform, the first one start seam normal, but the second one failed:


      at the end of the log, it seems usb bandwidth is not enough. And I am confuse that the USB bandwidth is 480Mbit/s, and the bandwidth requested by cameras is much less than 480Mbit/s.


      And why raspberry pi works fine? It is this the driver problem or the edison hardware problem or something else?


      I will be very grateful If someone can give me some advice. intel_adminSupport Community