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    Massive graphic problems, recently bought NUC5I5RYK



      i recently bought the NUC mentioned above. Like i mentioned on an other post All drivers and bios are up to date. Installed windows 2 times. Openelec made it even worse.




      Crucial CT128M550SSD4 interne SSD 128 GB

      Crucial CT8G3S160BMCEU (2 pieces, 16 GB Ram)


      Tried (all good)

      mini HDMI to HDMI

      HDMI to HDMI with adapter

      miniport cable to HDMI



      Tested on one Samsung FULL HD TV. 

      BENQ & Samsung Montitors


      The videos are from the Samsung Monitor


      Please watch the videos in Full screen to the end.


      I just want to know if this is a defective device or a driver / bios issue. I think someone should figure it out by watching the videos what the problem is. The tearing you see on the video is not because of the recording device, its the actual video output.



      Windows 7 - YouTube

      Openelec - YouTube



      Thanks in advance