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    Intel i5-3570k running at 105 Celsius with no auto shut off




      I pretty much play World of Warcraft and League of Legends (not the best graphics in the world) and whenever I'm playing for more than 10 minutes my processor starts running at easily 95 degrees Celsius and has capped out at 105 degrees. My computer is obviously seeing some performance issues, but the weird thing is that my computer has yet to shut itself off.


      I've been seeing that my i5 should only be running at around 70 degrees even under the heaviest of loads and my computer should shut off if it gets past 100 degrees.


      I have WoW open right now running in the background and my all of my cores are running between 100-105.


      ALSO, what's the TMPIN2 thing? I looked it up and no one had a straight answer. It's been running extremely hot as well.


      I was seeing the biggest performance drop during 5v5 teamfights in League of Legends, but 3v3 arena's in WoW can sometimes cause issues also.


      Help please! I don't want to cause permanent damage to my computer.