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    No HDMI output on NUC5i3RYH


      I've got a new NUC5i3RYH and I can't get the HDMI out to work at all.


      I've tried two different HDMI cables and have no response from my monitor.  First cable was a mini-HDMI(NUC) to HDMI(monitor).  Second cable was mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter on the NUC then HDMI to DVI.


      The memory is Crucial ct2kit51264bf160bj.


      The HD is Intel 530 in M.2 form at 180GB (SSDSCKGW180A401)


      I'm not convinced that I'm not fighting bad cables.  BUT, during boot of the NUC, the external DVD drive makes no noise.


      Does anyone have a part number for a cable that works?


      It can be mini-HDMI or mini-Display port at the NUC end. It can be regular HDMI, regular DVI, or regular VGA at the monitor end.