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    Intel HD 4600, Nvidia 980m, Intel Collage, Triple Monitor Gaming?


      My google searches have been futile. There only seems to be two other posts on the intel forums regarding problems with Intel Collage and multi monitor gaming.


      I have a i7-4710HQ w/ Intel HD 4600 and Nvidia 980m.


      I use Intel Collage to create a 3 X 1920x1080 = 5760 x 1080 resolution across 3 monitors (I only have 2 external at the moment, 1 is the internal laptop screen, for testing purposes of course).


      The only game I tested that worked as expected was counter strike global offensive. It showed the 5760x1080 as a select-able resolution and displayed it correctly across all 3 screens.


      Unfortunately, other games have been very problematic. In Battlefield 3 and 4, the max resolution I can select is 1920x1080, which clones the game screen across all 3 monitors. In Crysis 2, I can select the resolution, but the game remains blank after applying it fullscreen. If I let it run in windowed mode, performance takes a big hit. Sometimes I can get it to apply the 5760x1080 in fullscreen, but the first monitor image (aka the first 1920x1080 of the 5760x1080) is cloned across the other two monitors.


      Many others using Nvidia surround or AMD eye finity do not experience these problems.


      Is this a limitation in displayport bandwidth? Or is it because the video output ports are connected to the iGPU instead of the dGPU and there is a bandwidth limitation in the forwarding between the two?


      I believe it is a software issue and not a hardware limitation because CSGO works. If it was hardware, it should not be working either.


      I am on the most up-to-date driver for the Intel HD 4600 and Nvidia 980m (stable, not beta drivers).


      Attached is the dxdiag


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