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    Bug: Starting a sketch on Edison stops wlan network


      I mentioned this in other threads some weeks ago: starting a sketch on Edison stopped always my wlan network.


      Until now a workaround for me was to start the sketch in a small script:


      ( /sketch/sketch.elf /dev/ttyGS0 /dev/ttyGS0 & )

      systemctl restart network


      This brought up the wlan network again after a few seconds and i didn't loose the connection. Maybe you have a different syntax for 'network restart' in Yocto Linux and Ubilinux doesn't use "systemd" so far - but both distributions should also have this problem.


      Today i found out that the reason for this is the unblocked bluetooth device. Block it if unneeded with "rfkill block bluetooth' and the problem has gone, starting a sketch doesn't kill the wlan network anymore. It's just another wörkaround but maybe a hint to find the bug.


      Greetings, mmi.