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    Problems with DVMT


      Hello I have a problem on my Intel HD 3000, the DVMT is not working as it should, it only rises to 400MB as maximum when maximum is 1.7GB, so my question is, how can I solve this since I have a blocked OEM BIOS?


      My Specs are:

      Intel Core i3 2330m

      Intel HD Graphics 3000

      6GB ram (1x4, 1x2) Memox, 1333Mhz

      Windows 8.1 pro x64

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          In most cases, the computer manufacturer has already configured the system to use the maximum amount of graphics memory that is possible for your particular computer model. Below is a URL that explains what is the maximum amount of graphics memory your graphics controller could use:


          Graphics memory frequently asked questions

          Graphics Drivers — Graphics Memory FAQ for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7*


          Intel recommends checking with your computer manufacturer if there are any tips on increasing the amount of graphics memory for your specific computer model.



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            hi, my GPU can handle 1698MB, but is only rising at a max of 400 (and rarely).
            my games are too slow (some games even to 800x600 and low set)

            And Positivo BGH practically have no support to customers

            and obviously is not set to maximum this valor.

            I have programming knowledge, so please, tell me some way to increase dvmt memory usage or some way to "fix" more memory to the gpu, (not to rise dedicate (even when I know is possible but I'm not asking about that), I want some system mem to be allways working on the gpu as a "fixed dvmt", it has to be a way, modifing drivers or something, thanks for read

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              Those values are available through BIOS settings. If you computer BIOS does not have such options, you need to update computer BIOS or even contacting your computer manufacturer or motherboard maker for any tips on increasing the amount of graphics memory.



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                oh thanks, so there isn't a way to rise it programming? I know the chip doesn't have real "dedicated" memory, it's still being shared, but fixed, I know this because th echange of that valor updating drivers or changing the SO. I just would like to know how to change that valor

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                  The only way to increase video memory would be through BIOS settings.



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                    well, that's disappointing and confusing, so why the Vmem when switching between drivers (changing between 64mb and 32mb), and SOs (i.e. XP has 128mb)? I can't unersteand that, I have knowledge on programming, maybe if you don't want to tell how to do it "in public" because you (with you I mean "Intel", not only you Allan) are afraid of people messing arround with files and later complaining to the company, you can send me an PM with, at least, some clue.
                    I know some valors can be changed on drivers setting since HD series doesn't have real dedicated memory, even this one is taken from system RAM, and the only place i can think of "where the settings are" is on some Drivers line in programming.

                    Thank you for read,



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                      You need to check with your computer manufacturer for any tips about increasing video memory on your computer.



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                        Ok, the last answer was insatisfactory, when you face someone who knows what he's talkin about you just don't know what to say and start repeating thing without sense, I expected more from Intel's support, but actually I'm disappointed. Is sad when a Company can't rely some info to the costumers so they can be happy (so this would be beneficious for the company)

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                          As I mentioned, the only way to increase video memory would through BIOS settings, if no options are available, this means your computer manufacturer has locked the video BIOS.