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    Q8200 Hot idle


      Hi had this computer for a while and its started running hotter than it should Imo. I changed 2 gt8800s for a GTX275 not sure if its since then but I've only noticed it now because I was thinking about overclocking. It sits idle at 50c and when i stress it even slightly it starts jump rapidly, with a game running in the background now Im showing 57,57,53,53 for the cores, the trend for most programs i used to check the temp is that cores 1 and 2 are usually hotter.


      Currently using a Freezer Pro 7 and some 3rd party thermal paste with a side intake fan and one on the back to blow it out not sure on the size but id say smaller than 90 mm maybe. I de-dust it regularly and make sure the wires are tidy and have the heatsink facing the right way, so is there any reason for it to run this hot ?


      Q8200 @ stock 2.33gh
      Asus P5N-D SLI mobo

      4gb OCZ ram

      750w corsair psu